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Sky ! mon «marri» chez les rosbifs...

Now that the matter of SMS is completed and that Catherine Pégard has wiped Airy Road in the newspaper «Le Monde», Jack Daniel thought he could be smart in forgiving a layer. Speak always, you are interesting me. Nothing to polish !

Nicolas has said :

For this trip to Britain, i  reviewed my English with the method Crabouif and the method Chiflet :

«Today is a beautiful day, because the sun shines and the sky is blue...»  I can also say «i love the queen».



With my popularity shrinking like a skin of sorrow, I decided, for hold the poster, with my new spouse, a brought-back coin, we will make a round among the windsor at Buckingham Palace. It is cowly owl !
I will put myself on one's thirty one...
Carlita, does will not, as Diana, to work of pull out foot  against anti-personal's mines, can yet a beef effect.
It seems that we will start selling a photo of Carlita in the plainest appareil. I can assure you, it is a photo already old. But she has dog, and i'm not the bad horse.

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